The Morrighanic Tradition

The Morrighanic Tradition is an eclectic ,magickal and spiritual tradition dedicated to honoroing The Dark Goddess Morrighan.  As well as honoring the Dark Mother in and by all Her names as well We work magick for the healing and betterment of our lives and healing of the Earth We embrace and practice the old ways and embrace some of the new.We exist to aid in the healing, self
of women, by providing practacle discussions. teaching, classes and a sacredplace for rituals
Our lineage is in Gardnerian and Alexandrian Wicca

The Morrighanic Tradition has two branches 

1) Our First DarkMoonCircle- Dedicated to the Morrighan and The DarkGoddesses in Her varied manifestation and names such as Hekate,Inanna, Isis, Kali. Sisters must be 20 yrs of age We also welcome those more New to their Path and those who are more experienced as to share and mentor others. DarkMoonCircle is eclectic Celtic influenced as well as now Greek, Egyptian and others 

2) Morrigu;s Daughters An online working coven of sisters, Witches,Pagans,Wiccans dedicated to the Morrighan specifically We are eclectic, but focus more on the Celtic way This is for those who  seek the Morrighan, whose matron or one of their Main Goddesses is the Morrighan  Here we share our experiences, knowledge, magick rituals. We do and will have online classes and rituals etc Morrigus Daughters does have a Creed and  oath, The circle of the Goddess is sacred.. Women 21 yrs and older   If interested
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