Earth Magick
Earth Magick is the most powerful way to become a part of the Earth. It is not recycling or activism. What Earth magick is, can be summed up in this way; Earth Magick is the art of becoming one with the Original Goddess Power that created the Earth. There are many ways to do this, by spell, by ritual, and by summoning the power directly from the environment around you. If you are run down you can draw power and peace from the trees and plants around you. However, you must first ask permission to do so and bless the plant or tree once the power has been taken. The actual act of taking the energy is by reaching out with your will and “breathe” in the Earth Power. It is revitalizing and relaxing and it eliminates stress. In directing Earth energy, one simply needs to gather a stone, some dirt or a leaf from a tree and use it in your ritual or spell. It adds the “Earth” to your working. Also, you may create an amulet by taking a stone or other natural item and charging it for a specific purpose. Some natural items contain their own “energy” and do not require charging. A four –leaf clover for instance is said to bring good luck. Also certain stones, such as load- stones and other semi-precious stones contain specific magickal properties. Crystals have long been used in magick as power centers and batteries to store the power of the Sun as well as power loaded by the magick user. Burying a spell in the ground is one way to utilize the Earth Power to accomplish a desired result. Also, you can call the Earth element into your spell or ritual to give your goal a “kick” of Earth based energy if the goal falls under the ruler ship of the element. Some of the goals ruled by the Earth element are, Good Luck, Finding Hidden Things, Protection, All Things Relating To Child Birth, Healing, Stability, Self - Control. There are others but that is a basic list. The being attributed to this element is the Gnomes. They are beings that live in the Earth, but are probable arch types for the Earth Spirit or Earth Angel. As with all beings or Powers called to your circle for a specific ritual or tasks be sure to “banish” or bid them back to their places in peace and with harm to none