The Crossroads

Hecates sacred nights were on the 30th it is Hecates Trivia- Where She is honored as Goddess of the Crossroads.I wrote this just before Her sacred nights
I have been thinking much and meditating at the Crossroads. Below is just my thoughts and reflection.......
> We all have been there and will again be there agian. It is a place often visited. The crossroads is more then just two or three paths crossing/In Ancient times it was belived it was the place that spirits and ghosts would travel at mid night or early morn before dawn. It also was a place of conflict battle, people were knwon to be attacked, or robbed there. People took a risk going there especially at night The Crossroads is about choices. Life choices. Personal choices. They are also about oppotunity presenting itself to you. You can keep going on the path you have doing the same things same old way, or now go a new path a new way, with its own challenges but you will have to make some new changes. Like the Fool in tarot are you willing to take soem risks to begin a new?
> The Crossroads are also about Magick
> Hecate Goddess of the Crossroads
> She is the Wisdom we need for hard choices we only can make.
> She cannot nor will she make them for us, but She stands with Her wisdom available if we hush and listen.
> The four paths at the above crossroads... In the pic
> I looked and saw the pyramid....
> The Witches pyramid...
> Path 1) To know- The path of Air
> To know yourself, your higher self, your true self
> To know your stregnths and weaknesses, and what your heart truly desires
> Know your divine and human self Know your spirit
> To know
> Know your Craft
> Ever learning, and growing, never stop seeking knowldge
> Knowledge is Power.
> Know the Goddess, KnowThe Powers you call.upon.
> Path 2) To Dare The path of fire
> Do you have the Courage to stand the test of fire
> Dare to go deeper. Do you have the courage and no fear to do the work needed to see it thru to the end no matter what.
Courage to face the truth of your shadow self
> Path 3)To Will The path of water
> Our Will is everything in Magick
> Do we desire it enoguh that we can see it before it is?
> Do we truly belive in ourselves, Do we belive in what we do wihtout
> doubt?Do we Will desire it enough to not give up.
> As I will So mote it be!
> Do you will to overcome.
> Do you will and not doubt. Do you will to be powerful
> Do you will to learn, do you will to complete your course.
> You will in life will be tested by the storms.
> Do you Will it truly.
> Path 4) To know when to keep Silent Path of Earth- The Crone
> We learn best by listening. Wisdom does not show itsaelf in many words., or in loud noises, but is whispered in Silence, revelead in the darkness.The Crone commands respect, and Silence is a great way to show Her that. As many will take a time and fast from speaking fast with silence it is a discipline but it has its rewards to.
> As a Witch, We will walk all four, and and then we at some point come to a place of a fith road Spirit Where all things are One All things cometogether The Path Of Oneness, unity, interconnectedness.Completeness Where Spirit and the mundane even mesh.
> Kuan Yin if I am right on this
She was said to be a human and had reached the place of Spirit
Completeness, and was offered to or was just able to Ascend but chose to stay in the realm of earth for She had compassion on all humans. And was will to cont to teach and aid and guide others till we all reach nevana
> The Crossroads challenge and call us to
> Knowdge
> Courage
> Desire,Will,Imagine, Faith
> Silence

I wrote and shared thos a year ago in a ecoven)0(