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 Spell work 101

It is always best to personalize spells, and even better to create your own. Understanding the basics of Spell Construction will enable you to formulate your own specific, effective spells for any purpose you desire..Yes some preparation is needed, think of it this way the more of your energy you put in the more powerful Before doing a spell, one should research and know what they are doing and  never evoke what you do not know Not all witches cast circles, many will create a protection circle but it is good to learn to do as  for some energies and depending on what your doing a circle will help contain energy  and keep out what's not needed Also be very very specific and detailed, as several have shared  they have done a spell and  it did not work, and one shared  they did one  for money before playing at the casino but did not do it specific for themselves but the person next to them most of the night kept winning money and lots of it too.

Know also the principles of spell casting, blessings come from blessings sent and never ever do a spell on somone without their permission we must resspect anothers will
Never do a spell against somone because they gave you attitude at the store or cut you off.

Not everyone reading is Wiccans but Wiccans believe in whatsoever you send will thrice return to you and  their rede is explicit
"Harm None"

The point I make we must be responsible  and understand what we are doing when we work spells 

  Spell Creation

A short how-to for creating your own spells

 Let us use the Witches Pyramid  
The first step- To Know Know your purpose, know what you truly desire and want, not just what you think you want Know what type of spell, work you wish to do, like candle magick,poppet,knot, etc Know what you want and how you want it Know why  and what you are doing Spell work does not need be complicated, and the simpler the better Know also spell work is serious business, not a game. 

  The second step To Will How much do you want this, are you willing to persevere and not give up Do you truly will want it  bad enough, do you truly believe  

The third step-to dare Dare to believe all things are possible Dare to deal with any fears Dare to do it  
The forth- To know when to keep silent Words have power, we get excited want to share when we  work a spell However not wise, once you cast your spell, it is important you do not speak of it, for it will take away from the effectiveness of your spell. Now Once you know purpose, and how what type of magick,, you want to  think of what you need, tools, candle color, herbs  etc The next thing is to be aware of the Moon phase, for drawing things in  work during the new and waxing moon- and fullmoon To rid yourself work during waning and dark moon. Understanding the basics of Spell Construction will enable you to formulate your own specific, effective spells for any purpose you desire

This is an article by Prophecy who is a Magician  

   I believe that at this time I have provided enough information via the articles at Veritas, particularly The Power of Words(which I will refer back to several times in this article), to properly teach you all how to construct your own spells.  In this article we shall examine the importance of doing so, a few new dynamics of spells which I may not have covered in previous articles, as well as re-examine a few which have already been treated in the past.  Apart from that I shall also provide a basic template for spell creation/casting, and a few methods of doing so.   Three Types: Construction, Improvisation, and Revelation
   Perhaps the most common form of spell creation is that of actually sitting down, and after evaluating certain things, writing up your own spell to be kept in a private spell book of sorts.  There is nothing special about its construction, other than the fact that the aspects of it ring true to you as being useful in appliance to the end for which the spell was designed.  These are the things one may wish to consider before spell construction of this sort:   Intention- What is the point of the spell?  What is it supposed to do?  Before spell creation, this is the thing which must be considered above all.   Personal preferences- Try to create the spell within the system of magic which you practice.  If you are hermetic, you may wish to include invocations of seferic or qelippotic energies, as well as perhaps any entities which govern properly the intent of the spell.  If you are a straight summoner, you may wish to simply construct an invocation with a layout of different energies to be invoked.  If a chaos magician, you may wish to consider where sigils can be applied.  Other considerations may include: times of the day, day of the week, phase of the moon, colors, smells, surroundings, time of the year, ruling zodiacal sign, elements which could be associated to the operation, chakra properties which could be called upon, or perhaps even runes associated with the situation at hand.   Magnitude- The more extreme the desired effect, the more powerful the spell will have to be.  Causing a weak gust of wind often requires less than verbalizing your intention in a sentence aloud.  However, causing a hurricane is much easier done with a more ritualistic setting, or at least a few days of mental preparation and energy drawing.    Additions- How complex do you wish to make it?  Remember, the more things you have properly added, the more focused the energies released will be, and the more of those energies there shall be released.  Apart from that, if the spell is somewhat ritualistic, the Mindset of the magician will be much more focused.  Common additions are: Candles, sand, incense, magical weapons, an alter, color-appropriate robes, runes, religious symbols, magical alphabets, offerings to spirits, human servants for the operation(handling tools), the use of familiars(for the summoner), stones, and all sorts of blessed items.  Before one decides which additions to include or not include, one may first wish to evaluate the magnitude of the spell, and the energies which will be needed.   How to enact the operation- How are you going to initiate the effects of the spell into the universe?  Some may simply focus their will and broadcast their desire, which in this case is the sum casting of the spell.  Others may wish to burn images, break ceramics, hurt themselves, etc.  Some magicians prefer to collect as much energy as possible to infuse with their wills before sending it out(an example is the Middle Pillar Rite and the Burning Hammer Rite).  Chaos magicians often enjoy using the “Smoke cloud” impression, in which a ring of cloud-like energy is imprinted with the magician’s will via a focused Kiai, then letting the smoke cloud go out and disperse into the universe.  If you are a summoner, the spell may be set in motion simply be commanding the spirit to leave immediately and carry out your will.  
   Often a magician may perform an impromptu casting, in which a spell was required in the heat of the moment with no preparation involved.  An example of such a time would be hearing that your brother or sister was just kidnapped, and you immediately felt lead to cast a spell for the punishment of the kidnappers and the safe, swift return of your sibling. 
   However, such a dire situation is typically not the case.  It may be a hot summer day(which if you live in Florida like myself, you understand the hardships of), and you’d simply like a firm gust of wind, or maybe even a good rain within the next few days.  Instead of going inside and spending the time of creating a spell, you simply improvise a verbal spell on the spot.  Staying with the rain example, one may say:   “Spirits of the air and water, unite!
Paralda and Tritone, masculine of air and feminine of water,
I appeal to thee!  Turn your ears and here my petition!  Turn your eyes and see me!
Sylphs of air, Undines of water, I speak out to thee!
Move swiftly to my position!  Come hither soon to me.   Dance about, ye graceful Sylphs, up in the sky above,
Come to me, ye beautiful Undines, and let the Sylphs sweep you up in your love.
Go into the skies and dance merrily high,
Embrace and then bring into being.
Rain I ask of you, spirits of water and air, above and below unite in the heavens!
From the Floodgates let the soothing waters rush forth and baptize this land.
Bless this place with the water of life, and let the sweet drops of heavenly nectar sprinkle unto this land from the trees and the clouds, spreading across the earth, and satisfying the hard sweaty hands of the Gnomes and their king.   Let farmer be satisfied, worker be glad.
Let brown earth turn green, and let rain be had!”      Now this was, of course, written from the paradigm of a summoner, and a hermetic one at that.  However, I believe it serves its purpose as an example, being as I made it up as I typed it, not previously thinking about what could compose it.  As a result, its no doubt a little sloppier than the typical Constructed Spell.  However, what is important is that it carries with it your resounding intent, vibrating unto the universe your wishes. 
Once you’ve decided to do a little spell, you may wish to look around for anything you may be inclined to incorporate before actually beginning the spell.  For example, in the case of the latter, I may choose to grab a bottle of water quickly(or perhaps I’m carrying a cup of water as it is), dip my hands into it, and cast sprinkles of the water into the air throughout the spell.  Then, at the end, I would toss the complete remainder of the water left in the cup into the air, and focus it hitting the ground as water.  This is the simple process of homeopathic magic, in which the magician is creating a simulation of what he wishes to happen, in this case an imitation of rain. 
Concerning the end of a spell, one may wish to add a specific ending so as to signify soundly to yourself and the universe that the spell as ended, and to, in one closing phrase, dispense all the energy which has been built up throughout the spell.  Common endings for spells are: As I say so shall it be, so mote it be, amen, amen and amen, thine will be done not mine, and my will be done.  As can be seen from the previous examples, religious affiliation or spiritual belief may play a role in the ending of the spell.
You may also have noticed that, while parts of it can be uttered in rhythmic accordance, most of it did not rhyme.  Why?  Quite simply, spells do not rhyme.  In fact, the only paradigm within which you will usually find rhyming spells is the wiccan one, simply because Gardner strongly emphasized the mind set that proper rhythm can put the magician in.  Most spells outside of the Wiccan practices will not be rhyming, and instead of being called spells, are usually referred to as prayers(and rightly so).      There is another aspect of improvisational spells, however, and it is not when you wish to perform a spell, but instead when you are called to.  Such instances may be when you feel a sudden need to perform a luck spell for a friend, or a healing spell for an injured person you may or may not even know.  These are identified as “having come from the heart.”  It is the finest form of improvisation, when the mind is not thinking about what is happening, but instead the heart/soul is speaking out that which must be said in order to properly vibrate the astral so as to bring about the desired result.  After all, while our conscious minds may not know exactly how to create the most effective spell for the given situation, our subconscious minds often do.  The best way to operate this function is to simply clear your mind and gather the words of your heart so that they manifest with your tongue as words.  This is hard to describe to the average reader, but the meditating magician knows exactly that which I speak of.   Revelation
   The last of the three main ways to create a spell is revelation.  What do I mean by that?  Well, if your spiritual views do not include within them the existence of spirits of higher orders of wisdom, then this part of the article is not for you(less you read it for edification of said matter).  For those who adhere to the paradigm that spirits of superior wisdom, particularly in the occult matters, exist, then you will understand this part of the article.      Revelation, in this context, is essentially the divine conveying of information unto the magician, divine in this sense referring to anything which involves spirits.  Specifically what I am speaking of is known by some as Divine Revelation, most often recognized as the conveying of “truths” from a god-head figure, an angel, or a devil, and perhaps displayed the most in the Old Testament of the Bible.  It is not to be confused with prophecy, which is defined as the speaking of divine wisdom unobtainable by earthly means to the edification of others. 
   In magic, examples of Divine Revelation are The Lemegeton, the Ars Notoria, The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage, The Kaballah, and the Enochian works of John Dee, all of which contain specific ways to conjure spirits and apply their obedience towards the ends of carrying out a desired effect, ultimately the casting of a spell.       To receive a spell via Divine Revelation is a rare and beautiful thing.  These are often the most powerful, yet most secret, of all spells one could ever cast.  They come straight from the mouths of those who shall carry out the operations you desire, and therein speak with authority as to how that operation is best enacted on your end.  Typically, however, it is very hard to understand that which is revealed, and the magician may spend months trying to decipher the words and symbols given unto him by the spirit-world, sometimes only to find that it was the twisted humor of a mischievous spirit.  None the less, when the spells given are done within the light of truth, and received from a reliable source, the power the possessor can wield in the area the spell is designed for is often unmatched by all but the greatest magicians.  This is all fine and well, being as it is typically only the greatest of magicians that such things are revealed to as it is.
   Typically these spells are revealed as a collection of words and symbols, often to be written or inscribed upon a specific material.  Unfortunately, it is more than often required that the magician first understand that which is involved in the symbols, which may take quite some research on the magician’s part.  It is not unusual for many of these symbols to be religiously significant to the magician, and for many of the words to be written in Enochian.  If you are the fortunate receiver of such an obscure symbol, those are the first two things I would check: See if the symbols have religious significance, and if the letters are Enochian.      So how would we go about receiving an operation via divine revelation?  In truth, the most effective ones are revealed to you without your previous seeking.  However, there are certain ways to tap into those powers which would manifest via the movements of your hand that we call writing various magical symbols which would call forth the most potent powers of your subconscious, as well as those of the spirit(s) which revealed the symbol to you.      The easiest way to tap into the said levels of existence is via an altered state of mind, specifically that of gnosis, in which most automatic writing is done.  My advice in this area is to spend much time doing three things: Meditating for clarity of mind, practicing inducing gnosis, and communicating with spirits on a fairly regular basis.  
The Value of Magical Alphabets and Languages
   “You will see in your ventures, perhaps, that there are many types of speaking and writing which have been labeled as magical within themselves. The most common examples of “magical” alphabets are Hebrew, Theban(also called the Runes of Honorius), Norse Runes, Malachim, Celestial, Ogham, the “Demonic Notches,” Enochian, Angelic Script(which bares similarity to Enochian), Sanskrit, and the Magi Script, though I’ve surely forgotten a few. As for languages, there is most commonly Hebrew, Latin, Pharsee, Enochian and Ouranian.   No doubt some of my readers are currently thinking to themselves “What fools would believe simple letters to be within themselves magical?” The answer? Fools who received such things from divine interaction(divine here pointing to anything of a higher frequency of existence). The most famous example of such revelation would be the studies of John Dee and Edward Kelly, whom channeled both the Enochian language and alphabet(*liber logoath) from a series of angelic contacts. Furthermore you have the Norse Runes, which Odin received after hanging nine days on Yggdrassil staring into the darkness of the universe with his spear, Gungnir, in his side, and which he in turn revealed to man via the Gotthi.   However, it surely can not be assumed that all magical alphabets are of some origin other than human. Let us take the Magi Script, for example, which is simply the ancient writing of that clan whom were the original magi, most likely with its origin in Persia, and therein having possibly spoken some ancient version of Pharsee. Such is simply human creation of characters for the relaying of ideas and thoughts on paper. The Phonecian alphabet, from which we get most of the English alphabet, is just as “magical” as the Magi Script on the outer layer, having been created by the minds of men. Another example is Ogham, which was simply a creative way to pervay messages from one Celtic clan to another via writing on trees without their enemies being able to decipher the messages therein.   Using previously provided information, the reader should be able to conclude that any power within such alphabets and languages stems directly from the human associations attached to them, and the connection to and calling upon of that complex thought matrix therein created. If you had already concluded such before I pointed it out, then excellent job, and it can be said that you have already benefited from this essay in some way. However, there is another face to the value of these magical means of broadcasting thoughts   This “other face” is the psychological viewpoint of what speaking such languages and writing such words does to your psyche, and therein your magic. I could say to you, “You shall find ruin in your house!”, and it would not only be fairly intimidating(assuming you knew I was a magician), but would also probably get the job done. However, doesn’t “Tui domus es in exitium!” sound more “mystical?” More authoritative and effective? Such is the mind set that using such languages will put you into. You truly feel more magical uttering them as your mind sharpens into your objective.   Crowley once said himself that in the thousands of different spells he had casted, the most effective of them were in different languages, and he acknowledged two reasons: The first being the inherent power of an untouched, or ancient language, which derives from the associations added to them, and the second being the mind set that properly, and enertiatically saying the spells in such a tongue induces.   There are, also, certain languages which have ONLY been used for ceremonial, magical, or spiritual purposes. These mostly fall under the Barbaric tongues, such as Enochian and Ouranian, as well as Hebrew(which is today usually only used by the rabbi when preaching, or when reciting the Torah). These are arguably the most potent means of reciting spells, if you choose to do so using a different language, especially if the fact that they are strictly used for magic is born in the mind of the orator.”      It here seemed necessary to revisit a part of my article “The Power of Words” for elaboration as to the value of using magical alphabets and languages in your spell construction.  Apart from the fact that you are tapping into collective powers which have been added to the foundation of the words and letters themselves, you are also imbuing your spell with more potency due to the mind set that using such things puts the magician in.  Making use of those languages and alphabets which are called magical in your operations will make you feel more legitimate in your workings, as well as give yourself a certain level of faith in the successful casting of your new spell, due to the idea that “that which is ancient has withstood the trial of time, and therefore has value.”   
   One common way of casting your intent(a spell) is via what is called litany.  Litany is the rhythmic repetition of your intent, over and over and over, slowly putting you into an altered state of mind in which your wish travels further with more potency.  An example of a litanic spell is as such:   “I am healthy
I am healthy
I am healthy
I am healthy
I am healthy, etc”
   What is used is a simple, short phrase, easily remembered and spoken without having to think to remember what it was you just said.  This way, the thought process of remembering the phrase and speaking it becomes intertwined, allowing for the continuous oration of your intent while your mind slowly drifts away into another state of consciousness.  It can be used either as a self-affirmation, as a petition, or as a command.  The latter was a self-affirmation, whereas a petition would be something like “Let it rain,” and a command would be “It will rain.”      Arguably the most well-known litany is that of the Catholic church, in which the “My father” and “Hail Marry” is spoken over and over as a repentance of sins.   Sigilization
   A very common way of creating and casting a spell amongst Chaos Magicians is sigilization.  Essentially an extremely simple process. First you take a statement of intent. To use an example from Spare’s Book of Love, we will go with “It is my will to have the strength of a tiger.” From there, you take all spaces, vowels, and repeating letters out of the equation, giving you:   TSMWLHVRNGF   So now what? Take that collection of letters, and organize it into a symbol. How? Think for yourself. Add them all together, perhaps using the T sideways with the S at the end, and the R on its back coming off of the T, etc. In the end, you should wind up with something interesting, to say the least.   At this point is where the magic actually begins. Take this symbol, perhaps written on a piece of paper, inscribed on a stone, etc, and focus completely on it, until nothing else exists for that moment. With it burning in your mind, begin to think strongly about what it is you wish to happen. See the words in your mind, your statement of intent and all emotions and thoughts attached to it, weaving around the sigil and fusing into it, until all that exists is a violently pulsating symbol within your mind.   Here, it is perhaps good to note that this is best done when in a state of exhaustion, either mental or physical(maybe even both), or in a state of inertiatic sensuality. There are several ways of attaining this mindset, the two which Spare favored being empowering the sigil at the height of an orgasm, and using what is known as the Death Posture before the empowerment. Other ways involve strenuous exercise beyond what your body can usually take, spinning in circles for a long time, or depriving yourself of sleep for a set amount of time. What this does is put you in a quazi-gnostic state, in which you are subconsciously focused, yet not fully at ease. As effective as this is(for I’ve used this approach many times with great effectiveness), I have found that with enough mental strength, a sigil can be empowered just as well in a state of calm-mindedness, focused on the goal. The benefit of the former is that you do not have as hard a time forgetting about the sigil, whereas in the latter you may be thinking about it for some time after the empowerment.   On that note, it is detrimental(in most cases) that you forget entirely about the sigil once it has been charged. Hide it, burn it, do something so that you’ll never see it again(at least not until the operation has been completed). The reason for this is simply that you do not want to interfere with the sigil’s work inadvertently.   Energy Casting
   In this energy-model form of enacting the operations of a spell to begin, the magician makes use of his own will power in conjunction with the thought-influenced energy of the astral plane, while maintaining that thought itself manifests as energy there.       In this method of casting intent, the magician surrounds himself with a circle, either kept by visualization in his mind, or drawn and charged around him.  This circle will serve two purposes, one being to keep energy out, and the other being to keep energy in, ultimately enclosing the magician in a capsule within which he can only be immersed in his own thoughts and energies.      Once a circle is created, the magician turns his mind to a point upwards about a foot above his head.  Using visualization, see a golden net of pure energy form and stretch so as to encompass the circumference of the inside of the circle.  Once done, command this net to let through only raw, non-associated energy which you can mold to carry your intent.  Focus on a point about a foot above that net, and visualize the very fabric of the space above it(yet within the circle) tearing apart and expanding, so as to create a direct hole into the astral level of thought and energy.  Invite, by drawing energy to you, energies of that realm, and let your net(having all faith in its ability to carry out your command) separate all correspondences from those energies, so that all which passes the net to immerse you is raw, malleable energy.  Once you have gathered a good deal of such energy, so that all space between the net and the ground is filled with it, close the hole you created via visualization.      At this point, begin to focus on your will and intent.  Turn your mind inwards, letting it ponder only on this emanating thought.  Vibrate it in your mind, and let the desire for your intent to be fulfilled course through your body, visualizing this desire as an energy itself.  After a few minutes of such contemplation, visualize this thought-energy of yours being released from your mind and body, filled with the desire to fulfill your intent, and immersing itself into the raw energy around you, slowly making this energy take on your thoughts and wishes as well.  Keep pushing your will and desire into the surrounding energy until all the original energy has assimilated your thoughts, and become an energy which carries only your will within it.  A good way to do this is to visualize your thoughts and the raw energy as two different colors.  Lets says your will is to be visualized as purple, and the raw energy as white.  In this case, you should keep enforcing your will into the surrounding energy until it becomes light purple, and finally the same color purple as your will.      When the aforementioned has been sufficiently accomplished, turn to the net once more, and command it to let only that energy which you have infused, and which is below it, pass through it, and none of that energy which is above or from the astral.  Then open the hole in the astral once more, as mentioned before, and push your intent-filled energy through the net and back into the hole, where it has been commanded to carry out your wish on the astral plane.  Accordingly to its nature, the energy shall do just that.